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By on December 30, 2016


The Mark Angel Comedy group has grown with Little Emmanuella doing exploits with her Uncle Mark.
What is the relationship between Uncle Mark and the little comedienne? How was she discovered?

What is her worth now having won several awards at home and abroad and was featured on CNN recently and has the most shared video on Youtube.

Emmaneulla and Uncle Mark were’s guests and they bare it all in this exclusive interview.

Two awards in Australia, crowned the Princess of comedy and highest video view on YouTube

It’s all God and we feel so excited.

What’s special about Emmanuella

Emmanuella is talented and then she has grace. Those are the two things that I think is working for her.

Relationship between Mark Angel and Emmanuella

She is a distant cousin.

Emmanuella’s talent discovery

I just found out that she could act and I started training her and now here we are.

Living in same neighbourhood

Yes, we live in this same house.

Parents’ reactions to her acting

They were happy. We didn’t even know that this was going to go big like this when we started. We liked what we were doing and we were doing it for the fun of it. After shooting the comic skits all we do then was to share it with our friends on Whatsapp and they will tell that was funny and that will be the end of it. But later I started to build social media handles to see how more people can view what we are doing. We found out that when people see Emmanuella their moods just change. We want her to affect more people.

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