Things to Lookout for in a Great Boss

By on January 16, 2017

We all know it. Bosses can be the most inconsiderate and most self centered people we will ever meet and quite honestly, most of us have tried to murder them…in our minds o!

But what makes a good boss different from just the fact that he/she is an employer? Is it strictness? Having a commanding tone? Or just the fact that he/she pays your salary?

Well…Here are my top ten things anyone should look out for that show your boss is a great boss.

1) A great boss will SHOW you how to accomplish a task instead of TELLING you how to accomplish a task. Hence the saying: ” Do as I do and not as I say”.

2) A great boss would never employ someone based on academic preferences or recommendations by friends or family. He/she would prefer you to show them what you can do on the spot!

3) A great boss is never partial i.e He/she has no favourites at the office. Everyone is equally treated- in clouding family members!

4) A great boss knows the difference of being strict and being wicked. I think this point is self explanatory.

5) A good boss doesn’t act like a small ‘god’. He/she knows each staff personally as well as professionally due to constant interaction and socializing outside a working environment.

6) A great boss has compassion for his/her staff.

7) A great boss can never be read in terms of character. A great boss would never allow you know what their thinking, that way they always keep you on your toes.

8) A great boss will keep his/driver happy….Always. Contrary to mass belief, Nigerian drivers always tend to have more knowledge of what goes around his boss’ environment. They serve as spies. Plus they drive you. Literally your life is in their hands Everytime you step into your car.

9) A great boss should always employ a very handsome or beautiful receptionist. Its simply what you call STRATEGIC MARKETING and the face of your company relies on this.

10) A great boss should know when to apologise…irrespective of staff designation.

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